Monday, 17 December 2012

If I Should Have A Daughter

I first watched this piece of performance poetry by Sarah Kay a while back, and thought, hey, that's cool. I knew it had been made into a book, and thought, that's the kind of story I'd like to read my kid, whenever life decides to bless me with one (hurry up, yeah?). But whilst I thought it was pretty awesome, it wasn't until yesterday when I was telling Hubby about it and played it for him that it reduced me to tears. Admittedly I was having a bit of a tough day, something that seems to be in abundant supply in my life right now, unfortunately, but there was just something, in that moment, that crushed me and gave me hope all at the same time.

It's pretty fucking beautiful right?

So if your world is feeling like it's made of sugar right now, find some strength in this, or else just have a good old cry, because sometimes you need to acknowledge your sadness before you can move on.

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