Mr & Mrs

This may eventually contain the stories of:
How we met - my story and his
Our first date
The proposal

Why I decided to take his name
Getting married "young"

On our wedding day:

It rained, like, a LOT.
I wore a dress,
we said some words,
ate some food,
and then we danced our socks off.
(in between all that, we stole a whole bunch of smooches of each other)

A few years later we did a post-wedding "trash-the-dress" photo shoot with our insanely talented photographer, Hannah Millard.

This blog is as much a snapshot of my life as it is his, since our lives are so intertwined.

We're 20-somethings, living in a house in a small town just east of Leeds with two cats, one little black girl called Miso and one monster of a tabby boy called Kofi. I work part-time in local schools and he works as an Agrochemical Consultant, bringing home the vege-bacon. We look forward to starting a family of our own and having a full brood of little ones, one day soon.

Our shared likes include twee indie pop, cardigans, formula 1, cats, Douglas Coupland novels, drinking copious amounts of tea, curling up with a good book, Doctor Who, full fringes, a good game of scrabble,West Ham United FC, tasty homemade vegetarian food and lots of kisses.

Our dislikes include bad grammar, rudeness, Twilight, noisy neighbours and only having two cats (we'd have 100 if we could).

We intend to live happily ever after.
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