Thursday, 8 November 2012

Frolicking kittens to cheer up your day

It's Thursday. I'm not going to quote 'Hitchhiker's...' at you, but we all know that Thursday are Rubbish (with a captital R). What is categorically not rubbish is the small mass of kittens that we picked up yesterday. They're still a little timid, and a little on the runty side given that they're supposed to be around 9 weeks old, but my gosh if they aren't adorable.

This video will probably bore the pants off any non-cat people out there, so feel free to skip it, but their's nothing quite like 5 (well 4 really, Felix doesn't put in an appearance - something about an exclusive contract with some modelling agency? He told me to call his agent) romping and wrestling to brighten up a rather gloomy, awfully chilly morning.

I present to you, our kittens: Lily is the white one but the others all look very similar - affectionately nick-named diamond head, splodgy back and liney head when we were still deciding on names. Jemima has a white ear/diamond face marking, Batman is well, batman, and Grayson looks a bit like Batman, but has less of a white nose (confusing, right?). Enjoy!

P.S. The video is embedded so you may need to click through to see it.

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Stuck In The Nineties



Hat, H&M / Shirt, Topshop / T-shirt, Roxy Quicksilver / Shorts, ebay / 
Leggings, ASOS / Shoes, Sports Direct / Lipstick, No. 7

One of the very few outfits I've actually 'planned' (taken two seconds to think about the night before, as opposed to my usual, throw on half my wardrobe at once and see what sticks method), based entirely around my positively ludicrous, but entirely fantastic new shoes. How mint are these babies?! No word of a lie, cost me £10. TEN POUNDS. Hubby was looking for running shoes (he's doing a triathalon next year, get him!), and I managed to find these, and a pair of short leg bright red wellies (also amazing, also really cheap) in Sports Direct - admittedly not the most glamorous of places, but really, who cares? 

So yes, I'm wearing about 50 different colours, and I look like a Saved By The Bell extra, but do you know what, I'm OK with that. I love having fun with fashion, and some days, I think it does you good to look like a bit of an idiot occasionally (not that I do today, obviously I look awesome). I'm stoked to add these shoes to my repertoire and see what other kinds of crazy looks they can inspire. Do you have an statement pieces that you build looks around or do you just throw things together and hope it works? (No judgement,  that's my favourite way to get dressed)

P.S. Yeah, that tuft of grass is annoying me too.

P.P.S. We say goodbye to the gorgeous Kinney and her lovely mother Violet yesterday - both off to find new forever homes, but we won't be foster cat-less for long as we're off to get 5 (FIVE!) 9 week old kittens tomorrow. We won't have them for long, which will probably be for the best as at that age they are completely exhausting, SO much energy! Check out my instagram/twitter feed tomorrow for updates/a ton of pictures.
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