"Don't think or judge, just listen" - Sarah Dessen, Just Listen

Just Listen is a Leeds based lifestyle, fashion, sometimes beauty, frequently cat based, bit-of-everything kind of blog written by me, Rosie B about living the high life (ha) with my Hubby on more of a minimum wage kind of level (for a bit more about me and my beloved, see 'Mr & Mrs'). I'm passionate about affordable fashion, thrifty living and the simple life enjoyed with liberal cups of tea along the way.

I started blogging here in June 2011, but have been blogging in some capacity for since the mid-2000s. I thought it was time to start doing it properly (whatever that means), because whilst I loved my previous free-flowing stream of conscious style blogging, I wanted to try something with a bit more form and work on my writing style and finding my er, 'voice'.

It's also a great way to keep my family and friends up-to-date with what's going on in Mr & Mrs B's lives, since I have a pretty big family who are spread out all over England, although I have to admit I was a little reluctant to share it with them all at first - I'm the baby of the family and the only girl, so I get teased, a lot. Hopefully you'll enjoy reading what I have to say, and

Thanks for reading!
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