Friday, 23 March 2012

Friday Fiction 10/52

So I'm still being a terrible blogger, apologies. Might have something a little bit exciting to blog about tomorrow, so bear with me on that one...

This week's Friday Fiction is for The Book of Tomorrow by Cecelia Ahern, a book SO BAD I didn't feel it warranted a real review, so I just took some humorous pictures to give you my general impression of it.

I toyed with the idea of not even giving it a face review, it was that bad.

I read this whilst I was sick the other week, and wanted something light and fluffy, having previously enjoyed Cecelia Ahern's other books, but my god this was just... IT DOESN'T EVEN MAKE ANY SENSE. Excuse the hyperbole, but shheesh, worst book ever? I got The Gift by her out of the library too, but I'm not sure I can bring myself to read it after this. Is it worth it or should I cut my losses?

P.S. I took these pictures before I got a pretty new haircut. It does kind of look exactly the same, I know, but I swear, they cut so much off. More pictures to follow.


  1. I've not read this one yet but enjoyed all of her other ones, I am unashamedly a MASSIVE "chick-lit" fan (not a big fan of the term though), the cheesier or fanciful the better.. its stupid cos I don't identify with anything these books contain but I sure do love reading them. I think besides 'P.S I Love You' my favourite is 'A place called Here.'

    1. I like cheesy light novels too (also hate that term), when I'm in the mood for it, like when I'm ill or on holiday or just don't fancy reading anything too serious or long, but this really was spectacular drivel. It was still very easy to read, and the style was like her normal one, but the story was just... there was no plot, nothing was explained, random REALLY important characters were introduced right in the last chapter. It really left me pulling a massive 'Whhhaaaaat?' face.


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