Friday, 9 March 2012

Friday Fiction 8/52

So this was actually last week's Friday Fiction, but maybe if you're lucky (or unlucky, I don't know), I might manage two book reviews this week. I wouldn't count on it though. I'm a busy lady!

Reviewed: Player One by Douglas Coupland

Life inside the microcosm of an airport cocktail lounge is turned upside down when peak oil prices are reached, and things become apocalyptic pretty quickly (it's Coupland guys). The story is told in 'real time', with each of the 5 chapters representing an hour during the crisis. The mixed bag of characters who survive inside the bar are forced together by this experience and bond, argue and have sex. It's not really about anything, except their interactions and how they deal with the impending end-of-the-world, so it's kind of hard to summarise.

As a result, I thought the story was kind of weak (well, non-existent), even though none of his books are really about anything, and it retrod some of the footsteps of Girlfriend In A Coma, but I did enjoy the characters and their development. It's classic Coupland, so if you've read him you'll know if that's your cup of tea or not. His writing style is very distinctive and I do think it's brilliant. Personally, I love his books but I know he can be a little hit and miss, and for me, this one didn't match up to The Gum Thief or jPod. It was probably on a par with GIAC... It wasn't bad, it just not my favourite, or what I think he's capable of in terms of storytelling.

I've still to read Generation X and A, Miss Wyoming and All Families Are Psychotic but other than that, I think I've managed to race through his backcatalogue pretty quickly. He really is a delight to read, it's just a shame the story didn't match up the the quality of his writing.


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