Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Another Sunny Day

 Hat: gift // Dress: H&M, £15 // Shirt/Shoes: Primark £4/£5 // Bag: M&S, £old

Pretty mint green accessories helped to liven up a slightly boring get-through-a-hot-day-of-work outfit, not that I'm complaining about the sunshine though. Wearing tights in June felt way unnatural, even by my standards. These loafers actually came out of the men's section of Primark last summer, because I needed something a bit more substantial for the walk to work in than the endless variations of flipflops the women's section held.

My new job is proving to be a bit of a dream - yesterday we hung out at the park for a while & then played football until hometime! No one wanted to be on my team because I'm a giiiirrrrl, but I soon showed them. I've not worked out whether you're actually supposed to let the kids win at things or not yet, but I kind of feel like it does their humility good to lose occasionally, so I shan't be stopping my victory laps any time soon. Ha, does that make me sound a terrible person? Oh well...

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