Tuesday, 3 July 2012


(Curly hair and new librarian specs, Barry M Raspberry nails)

Enjoying: My new job, so much. This morning I started doing mornings as well as afternoons meaning I had to get up at the crack of dawn (for reals, like 3 hours earlier than I normally get up) which was less fun, but that now means I have 3 free hours every morning which I'd have otherwise slept through, so I might be able to crack on with blogging a bit more now!

Watching: old Gilmore Girls - season 3 to be precise - I'm a Jess girl through and through, so these ones are my absolute faves. I know a lot of people seem to love Dean but yurgh! He's such a wet flannel, I can't even. Also some of the tennis & football that's been on, I like it, but I don't really care about any of the teams/players, so I'm not too bothered about the results. Murray's last match, and watching Rosol miraculously beat Nadal were both pretty exciting though.

Awkward's started back up again too, although the first episode seem to retread the ground of the first series a bit, but I'm hopeful it'll pick up - definitely worth giving a go if all your shows are on break like mine are (I still can't talk about that Grey's Anatomy series finale, so don't even go there).

Reading: A different version of The Yellow Wallpaper and other stories than the one I already have, it's got more stories and snippets from Charlotte Perkins Gilman's autobiography, so I'm kind of crazy stoked about reading it. If you've never heard of it/her, it's essentially hardcore feminist literature, written in the 19th Centuary, it's so boss.

Listening: Alligator by the National, always. Less PJ Harvey than I should be - I always love whatever I hear by her, but haven't gotten around to everything yet, so a friend lent me this DVD which I'm pretty excited to watch.

Anticipating: getting more tattoos when Hubby & I head to Edinburgh in August for the festival. I'm debating whether I'm brave enough to get a full sleeve dancing Penny Phonogram, I know it would look amazing, and I like to think I'm very Penny - give me a G&T, stick on Pull Shapes and I'm away, it's just a case of whether I can get her some legs drawn, we can afford it, I'm comfortable with the idea of getting such a MASSIVE tattoo.

I'm also looking forward to Indietracks so much, it's totally snuck up on us and it's so soon!

Eating: peanut butter stirfry & noodles. Chip butties. These beauties by the packetful...

Planning: to get started on Janel's 30 day journal challenge, er, at some point. If you've been reading for a while you'll know that it took me about 6 months to complete the last one, so don't get too excited, but I did love doing it, so maybe one morning this week I might get my craft on.

Feeling thankful for: my new job. I mean, yes, I'm completely exhausted all the time (you try running around after little ones all day and see how you cope with it :P ), but a, getting my first pay check was amazing & such a welcome boost to our household finances, even if I was super taxed - stupid basic rate - and b, it's so much fun! I was getting so bored and lonely sitting around all afternoon waiting for Hubby to come home, getting cross and upset when he had to stay late for whatever reason, but now I get to come home to him making me dinner! It's pretty great. He's pretty great really.

Oh my god, it's not even half 10. I feel like I've been up for an entire day already. Time for a cuppa and a lounge with my book now I think :) Hope y'all are having a great day so far.

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