Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Indietracks in pictures

Hubby just handed me my photos back from Indietracks and all I can say is, wow, I love them. I know it's terribly cliched hipster of me to say so, but I really love the 'effect' of disposable cameras. There's something wonderful about the colours and the slight lack of focus, and how you never really know if the pictures are going to work. I love my digital, don't get me wrong, but you can go a bit crazy trying to get a shot just right, when you're not restricted by how many pictures you can take, and you end up not really appreciating the moment. I'm definitely going to be using more disposables on trips and holidays, because you get the added bonus of not worrying about the batteries running out or it getting filched. Anyway, the pictures...

Double polka dots // Coffee break // Train spotting // Baby goats at the campsite // Indoor engine shed stage & buffet cart bar, also, spot the punk // Sunset over the station // Real ale // Allo Darlin' // Patched up rainboots // Gordon fucking McIntyre bitches // Main stage // Steam trains // Church stage



  1. Gordon McIntyre loves his Kroenenberg, obviously, check out how tightly he's grasping that can!

    Good pictures honey.


  2. :D The punk is me there, mind if I have the photo?

    - Joey Mutant

  3. I have been experimenting with disposable cameras lately. It's exciting not being able to see your photos, I can't wait to get them developed!


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