Friday, 20 July 2012

New additions

I might not be posting for a while because last night we began fostering some cats! We've got the momma, Misha (BEY), and her 3 baby girl, the tabbies, and 2 boys, the gingers, who are a grand total of SIX DAYS OLD.

(and yeah, this does mean we now have 8 cats in our house, it's AWESOME)

We're still working on names for the kittens (we get to name them!), but provisionally, the girls are chilli, Lopez and tionne (as in, TLC, yeah) and Hubby just suggested Morissey and Marr for the boys <3
Promise I'll share more pictures when they get a bit bigger and y'know, their eyes are actually open and stuff. Don't know how we're going to let them go in 9 weeks time :-( I've got a feeling Misha B might be staying...

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