Friday, 7 September 2012

Shut Up and Play The Hits: the final days of LCD Soundsystem

I don't know about you, but I bloody love(d) LCD Soundsystem. From dancing around my bedroom to Tribulations and Daft Punk... as a teenager in to electro pop, maturing into Sound of Silver (and dancing in my uni halls constantly to All My Friends), right up to sitting in the car in Stonehaven on my honeymoon, eating chips and listening to This Is Happening as the rain poured down around us (and dancing all the while... Can you spot a theme here?), they are the kind of band that I never fully appreciated until they were gone - as is always the way it seems.

Whilst the world quietly mourned their spectacular demise on April 3rd, James Murphy et al got busy making what quite frankly will probably become one of my favourite films of all time, the aptly named Shut Up and Play The Hits. The name comes from a heckle from a backing singer during the final epic show at Madison Square Gardens, who's only y'know, Win from Arcade Fire, pulling out some cracking dance moves along the way. Here's the trailer.

Basically it's spectacular. That's all you need to know really, full on mind-blowingly spectacular. It's surprisingly emotional (or perhaps unsurprisingly, I'm not quite sure), even if you have no connection to the band or their music (not sure how that's possible but I'm willing to consider the notion), I fail to see how anyone could not be moved by James Murphy standing in a storage room full of the LCD kit for the last time before it's all sold off, wiping away a tear or the fans full on weeping at the end of the concert - they're tender, beautifully sad moments and it's incredible to be able to share them.

There are scenes in the film that might well strike you as mundane; watching Murphy have a full shave in real time, whilst an interview plays over the top, and the moments he shares in bed with his dog before his day begins, but for me, these were the most beautiful, treasured moments, captured so stunningly it made the ordinary extraordinary.

The crowning glory however was ALWAYS going to be 'the hits', the footage of the concert so glorious I spent most of the film/probably the rest of my life with an ache so powerful it physically hurt to not have been there, and to never have the possibility of seeing them again. My one and only complaint was not enough. It will never be enough. But my hope and vague understanding is that when the DVD is released, which I will be ordering post-haste (like, yesterday), it will come with a straight beginning to end concert disk as well. 4 hours of unadulterated BLISS. (Edit: I checked, it does). And then you're all welcome round mine for a dance party (seriously, it took all I had not to start one in the cinema, mid-film).

In short, Shut Up and Play The Hits IS AMAZING. And beautiful and emotional and just generally stupendous, I really couldn't have ask for more (except well, more). Most of the screenings were simultaneously shown on Tuesday but there are a couple of ones this weekend (check the website) but if you can't make it to those, you really need to buy the DVD ok? And the LCD Soundsystem backcatalogue for sure. Just trust me, you do. (you're welcome)

Has anyone else seen it? I hope you loved it too. I read a review that gave it 2/5 stars and thought, did we even watch the same film?! I give it 5*, without a shadow of a doubt - definitely worth missing Great British Bake Off for (don't worry, we're all caught up with James and his wonderful jumpers, er, I mean, the lovely baking...). Basically I want to watch it again already, so yeah, it honestly truly is that good.

P.S. On closer inspection of the website, it appears the DVD is being released in a fancy way, for more details check out this site, I'm a little torn because I want IT ALL. I love, love, LOVE the poster, am desperate for a T-Shirt, and quite frankly, wouldn't say no to a photobook... Anyone got a few hundred quid going spare?

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