Saturday, 1 September 2012

We're all going on a summer holiday

This feels a bit belated given the recent colder weather, and how autumn is clearly upon us now, but I still have a few snaps I'd like to share from the jolly little holiday by the sea that Hubby and I took well, last month now.

We got the train into Edinburgh for a lot of the days we were up; getting tatted up, buying out half of Avalanche records, sampling the wares at Brewdog (delicious, except for the 40+% ale which was ridiculous), seeing friends and catching shows - Josie Long, Dylan Moran, some awful guy who claimed 'musical racism' was acceptable (we walked out), Michael Legge & Phil Jupitus as Porky the Poet. But on the other days we just took it easy in North Berwick, having lots of romantic strolls along the beach and the coastal walks, climbing the Law and eating chips.

  (bolting, naturally)

It was a pretty good holiday really.

P.S. Did anyone make it the the festival themselves? Did you managed to snag tickets for Coalition? If so, I'm dead jealous, it sounded amazing by all accounts but was totally sold out for our entire stay, gutted!

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