Monday, 3 October 2011

Busy Bee

I have been up to all sorts of exciting hi-jinks recently, including putting together some flat pack furniture, working a lot, playing with kittens, oh, and celebrating my one year anniversary with my darling husband, so whilst I have lots I want to blog about (and I really do mean to complete my -ahem- "30 day" journal at some point, maybe by the end of the year?), I'm afraid I just haven't had the time to edit any photos or sit down and write anything half decent out. Only 3 more weeks until half term though, thank goodness!

Will be posting something appropriately mushy to mark the anniversary sometime this week, hopefully, because I love nothing better than a big public display of affection, but until then, here's the card I made for Hubby. It took me two attempts, but it came out pretty perfectly 2nd time round, if I do say so myself :D


  1. argh i love the card rosie, so bloody good! handmade is the best way, it's really cute.


  2. Ahh thanks so much Jade :) I'm full on obsessed with xx


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