Wednesday, 21 December 2011


My house is looking very festive, more and more decorations go up by the day, tinsel is attached to every thing and there are cards everywhere...

Unfortunately I'm not feeling very festive myself :( Hubby and I have both been poorly for the last week or so, and have been confined to bed and pajamas - feeling rotten does NOT get you in the Christmas spirit, let me tell you, nor does it make you feel much like blogging. I've been a bit rubbish this last month or two, too much going on to get it all down on virtual paper! But I'm going to try harder in the new year as I do really enjoy sharing my stories and pictures with  all you lovely readers. I'm also going to be going on a bit of a health kick (AFTER the holidays, obviously) which will hopefully a bit more successful than my attempt at the 30 day shred in December. I was trying to perk up my energy levels for Christmas, but just ended up feeling worse so I abandoned it :)  

But now I have one last tiny bit of Christmas crafting to do, then a few last presents to wrap and I am done! I finished work yesterday and have spent the day tidying up the house, Hubby is on his way home from work and our holidays are ready to begin - horray. The next few days will be spent lazing around the house, watching endless films and eating all the chocolate we can lay our hands on (that's what Christmas is all about, right?) before we go to spend a few days seeing various family members, and eating a lot more food.

If I don't get around to blogging beforehand, assume I'm too busy having fun and have a WONDERFUL Christmas. Try not to kill your siblings and remember to be grateful for all your presents, even if they're rubbish - people mean well. Oh, and don't miss the Doctor Who special, 7pm BBC1! A definite must on my list.

P.S. One last thing to tick of my list is to finish the 30 day journal challenge I started about, oh, 6 months ago. I WILL finish it this year if I am up until 23.59 on New Years Eve

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