Monday, 12 December 2011

My Weekend

It's been a busy old weekend for me here in Yorkshire, mostly pretty great but with a couple of sour notes.

Hubby and I drove to Bolton on Friday, to stay with my Grandma and to see The Saturdays in Manchester, but got caught in the worst traffic going over - what should've taken just over an hour took almost three! We got caught in a mini-snow blizzard crossing the Pennines and barely made it over 30mph for most of the trip. Sigh. Luckily we'd left early enough that we didn't miss any of the concert, and got to see the fabulous Oh My! as one of the support acts. A really fun pop duo who are apparently British, but have a real Swedish vibe about them. Dirty Dancer was my favourite of the songs they did, and we had great fun having a little dance, I'd love to see them again.

Then The Saturdays came on and were pretty great. They played a LOT of the new album (10 out of 14 songs!), which I've not listened to that much yet, but Get Ready, Get Set, Faster, The Way You Watch Me and the singles of the album were all still easy to sing along to. Ego was, obviously, fantastic, and I loved the mash-up of If This Is Love with Moves Like Jagger. I'd have liked a bit more in terms of production - when we saw Girls Aloud there, they put on much more of a 'show' in terms of staging and dancing and movement around the arena, but it was still really good. And they did make it snow at the end so all was not lost :)

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Saturday was supposed to be spent at a medical appointment in Manchester, which was, very frustratingly, cancelled at the very last minute on Saturday morning. Argh! But, the silver lining was that we were able to have lunch with some of my family at the Lowry Hotel.

We weren't exactly dressed for the occasion, but since I always have a collection of brightly coloured lipsticks rattling round my handbag, I rouged up and felt more dressy instantly.

We popped into Ikea on the way home for a new bookshelf and a few more Christmas decorations, then spent the rest of the evening catching up with Strictly and occasionally flicking X Factor on, shuddering in horror and then turning it off again. Sunday was pretty much a write-off. One of those lazy days where you sleep late and basically just watch loads of telly. Ideal after being out all weekend.

What was your weekend like? Busy, lazy or both?!

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