Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Bella Donna

This is the kind of dress I would wear to my nephew's Christening, if I were the kind of person to dress conservatively, erm, well, ever. I however am not, I am a raucously over the top, wear-hats-to-everything kind of gal, so this beautiful 'new' dress gets to be worn for an every day kind of day such as today. I don't really believe in saving things for 'best', unless those things are a fancy new hat with a bird cage veil, but even then I try it on about twice a day, even if I'm only wearing pajamas. 

As beautiful as it is, it's one of those crease-the-second-you-look-at-them dresses, so it didn't particularly enjoy going through the wash, which lead to the first ever incidence of ironing in this incarnation of Chez B (we've lived here about 2 years, and it was possibly about 2 years before that when I picked up the iron last). I'm sure in some people's eyes that makes me a terrible slob, but well... I don't care. Ironing is boring! And the creases fall out the second you wear most clothes anyway. I think I'll know I've officially become a grown up the day I buy an ironing board (I used the dining room table this time). But not for a while yet, don't worry :)

P.S. I'm so obsessed with Fleetwood Mac right now. All I do is listen to Rumours these days, I swear, but I have also invested in Fleetwood Mac & the epic Tusk. Next up are some Stevie Nicks solo albums :)


  1. Yay for Fleetwood Mac! That dress is so earn pretty, what a find!


  2. That is a really beautiful dress, you look lovely! x


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