Tuesday, 1 May 2012


I've seen a bunch of this type of blog post pop up on some of my favourite blogs, and loved the sneak peek in to these lovely ladies lives, so when Danielle (Sometimes Sweet, a gorgeous blog I adore) wrote one today, I thought maybe I'd join in on the fun.

Wearing: The National tee & posietint lips.

Reading: I'm still reading Burnt Shadows, because I'm in a bit of a reading funk at the moment and am having to push myself to actually sit down and read, but wow, I couldn't put it down last night - it was only when it left me in tears that I decided to actually call it a night. Really, really loving it. If you enjoyed Khaled Hosseini or Kazuo Ishiguro I think you'd like it, but I'll try and finish it before I start recommending it to everyone.

Watching: Hubby & I have just marathoned the first two seasons of Cougar Town, pretty much over the weekend (when we're in to something, we're in to it in a big way). So funny! The first season is a bit lacking in any actual story lines, but it's very light and enjoyable to watch. Hubby's a huge Scrubs fan, so he's enjoyed watching all the various cast members pop up through-out the series too (I think the writer is the same for both shows?)

Thinking About: how great it would be to get this job and how desperate I am to hear back about it. How we can make our garden more user-friendly (it's oddly disjointed from our house). How I need to get more sleep so I'm not falling asleep mid-afternoon... Applying to be a steward at the best festival, Indietracks - steam trains, real ales & indie-pop dancing, and all for free, could you ask for more?

Loving: having spent our Sunday afternoon with a pot of coffee, alphabatising our CD collection.

(This is like, maybe half of our heavily pruned joint CD collection? We own a lot of CDs)

Anticipating: finally being able to order new sofas. We currently are forced to snuggle up together on a tiny 2 seater, which is romantic sure, but I can't wait to be able to stretch out and fall asleep comfortably, if that's what I so choose.

Listening: to the entire Ryan Adams backcatalogue, he was absolutely wonderful when we saw him the other day. His support act, Jason Isbell really blew me out of the water too. It was a spectacular evening for laid-back, super-sad country music. My highlights were the song he made up about the girl in the audience with the nasty cough ("Are You Sure You Should Be Out With That Cough?"), and Mr Cat. The incredible, amazing, Mr Cat.

(Our version was different to this, so it would appear Ryan sings an original love song to his cat, every night of his tour. It's not enough that he's gorgeous, he's a crazy cat lover too? I DIE.)

Eating: leftover daal for lunch, a date slice snaffled from work, a lot of bagels...

Feeling thankful for: my Husband. Always. Every day he is my rock and my everything. For making all our money and then coming home and cooking me tea AS WELL. He's a star and I don't tell him half as much as I should. I love you Mr B, you handsome devil.

In all honestly though, I'm currently in a bit of a funk. I'm tired and run down and just generally feeling a bit blah. Might be a bit AWOL on the blog front until I can pull myself together a bit, or until I get a call about this job, which'll either lift or crush my spirits completely. Fingers crossed it's the former.

I'm also currently being majorly headbutted by a cat. It's how she expressed affection and her desire for attention, but it kind of makes it hard to blog and sometimes hurts more than a little. She hates to be held but loves kisses. And sitting on my mouse apparently...

Too cute! I have to go squish her now, whether she likes it or not.

P.S. my instagram username is RosieFB & I mostly just got my new phone so I could get the new filters, THERE, I SAID IT. Don't judge me :(


  1. I ♥ Ryan Adams :)

    I've been doing currently posts too:

    1. Isn't he wonderful? I'm soo jealous of Mandy Moore right now! x


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