Thursday, 26 April 2012

English Girls Approximately

Trying a little something new with my outfit post today. Might have got a little carried away with I thought it was just like a new version of Picnic but it's even better! Kind of like Instagram crossed with Photoshop, so I got a bit fancy with some of the features.

Miso decided she wanted in on the action at this point and snuck into a few photos...

And no outfit of mine is complete without my current go-to accessory... The giant parka!

I dug it out of my closet when I went home recently - it was my school coat when I was like 16, and even though the zip is broken, I've been wearing it everywhere. It's so 90's and I love it.

I wore this outfit with lace up boots and a practical plait for work, but slipped on some flats and shook my hair out to run a few errands this afternoon. Sensible to feminine in no time at all, perfect :)

Most of my outfit's recently have consisted of huge coats and wellies, so haven't really felt blog-worthy, how are you finding balancing sartorial elegance with practicality in the face of all this flipping rain? We get it weatherman, April showers and all, but come on, cut us some slack yeah? You're making it really hard to get out of bed in the mornings!

P.S. Hubby & I are off to see Ryan Adams in Sheffield tomorrow, dead excited!


  1. This outfit is so cute - Really understated and simple, but so cool! I had that skirt too, but it looked so awful on me, oops!

    1. Thank you so much :) I was definitely going for simple! I have it in red too, the style is so cute, and I love all the pretty colours it comes in.


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