Monday, 16 April 2012


Lately Hubz and I have been in serious Grown Up Getting-Things-Done mode, I'm really quite impressed with us. After my mini tantrum the other day, we've not all only got all the toys back in the pram, but we've even gone a bit further! I'll warn you now, this is probably the least exciting thing you will ever read on my blog, but all these things are making me incredibly happy right now, so I'm sharing regardless.

+I ordered a new phone 2 days ago and a Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S showed up on my doorstep yesterday morning (so fast!). As much as I enjoyed the showy gadgetry of the iPhone, I'm not a big apple fan and Hubby's new Xperia Ray (like mine but smaller) is essentially a iPhone 4S for a tiny tiny fraction of the cost. We're too poor for fancy things and this way I'm paying almost exactly what I was for my sim-only contract, with a shiny new phone thrown in. It's purrrdy.

+We've been painting ceilings and pricing up floor trim - exciting I know, but now our house is like, properly decorated. FINALLY. There's just a bit of woodwork to paint and our lovely little house will be pretty much done. It's probably only exciting to me who's spent every weekend for the last two years thinking "we really should paint those ceilings", but I don't care.

+We've had our boiler serviced and the cold tap for our bath fixed - since it's been leaking through the floorboards for Too Long and ruining the ceiling in the room below. Fixed things please me.

+We also asked the plumber to price up a quote for refitting our whole bathroom - guys, I MIGHT ACTUALLY GET A SHOWER. Probably not for a while yet since the quote is likely to come back at a million pounds and we have approximately minus 1 million pounds spare.

+Not only have we planted the forsythia that my Dad gave us, we even bought a few more plants and tidied up our front garden. I'll take some pictures now and then again in a few weeks when they've grown a bit (fingers crossed).

+We've booked a holiday! I know right, all that moaning and it turns out I'm actually the luckiest girl alive. We're staying in a delightful little cottage in North Berwick for a week in August so we can commute into Edinburgh for the festival, without paying the crazy prices for accommodation. Dead excited, Edinburgh is my spiritual home.

All this does of course mean we're poor beyond measure but at least we've got each other right?! That's what I keep telling myself anyway...


  1. yay for adult things! you should deffo do a little sneaky post on your house, i'm so nosey with things like that. pleased to hear it's nearly all sorted.

    i'm so jealous about your edinburgh trip, i've been trying to convince luke that we should go at some point for an age but we are both skint for a while and won't have much time until after summer. but still! xx

  2. Despite living in Newcastle for most of my life I've never actually been to Scotland! Its top of my list for a 'staycation' sometime for sure, we really want to go to the fringe too, but I don't really know much about it so will have to do some planning!

    Please do a house tour, I absolutely love noseying into other peoples homes.


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