Tuesday, 3 April 2012

My new 'Girl Crush'

I've posted before about my style crush on Taylor Swift, and don't get me wrong, Taylor still has a possibly excessive sized place in my heart, but my new girl crush du jour is Elle Fanning.

Elle turns 14 next Monday. FOURTEEN. And she's already a superstar in both the acting and the fashion worlds. I don't think I've ever actually seen any of her films, so I can't comment on her acting ability - is she any good? She looks like she'd be good. But I can comment on her gorgeous and quirky, age-appropriate red carpet looks, as well as being completely smitten by her utterly charming goofy grin.

She's a teenager after all, so you can usually expect to see her in cute, short dresses & mary janes, but she's far from predictable. She takes a lot of risks, which don't always pay off, but it makes the red carpet so much more exciting for it. She is definitely one to watch for the future.

She has also shot some incredible editorials for the likes of Teen Vogue, Marie Claire and Interview magazines.

Such a gorgeous face!

Basically, I'm just a little bit in love with her.
Can you blame me?

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  1. I absolutely love Elle. Her style is incredible.x


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