Monday, 2 April 2012


Organised clutter / Making new friends / My first ever top knot / Brian Blessed in a Puzzler
An old photo of my eldest brother and I / Birthday badge / Bouquet of kale / New handbag
Thrifted books / Tea shop / Haircut / Vegan crudites
Birthday dinner at Create / Pineapple coconut water / Visiting the Turkish Baths in Harrogate
Jigsaw puzzles and tea / Spring flowers / Rock band / Another sneak peek

School's out for Easter, so today I have drunk a glorious (never excessive) number of cups of tea and enjoyed lazing about in my pj's reading blogs and editing photos for our family photo albums - I've spent the weekend filling up most of our 2011 volume and just need a few more printing out. I grew up in a family obsessed with photography, which is very annoying at times, but it is great to be able to look back at 20+ years of photos, so for Christmas last year I made the first volume documenting Hubby & I's life together. I can't wait until we're old and grey and can look back through all our wonderful memories :)

Do you keep photo albums or are you guilty of taking hundreds of pictures and then abandoning them on your hard drive like I was? Sure you can look through them on your laptop, but there's nothing quite like an album is there?

P.S. Now I'm going to have a long, long bath and read my book - The Glass Room by Simon Mawer. School holidays rock!


  1. I love that jigsaw, I love anything to do with the Tube.

    1. Me too :) The line's are dead easy for a geek like me, but then you just have masses of completely blank white pieces which are an absolute nightmare to do!


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