Tuesday, 8 May 2012

This Side of the Blue

A new dress! Not the most exciting of events, or of dresses really, but it's probably the first piece of clothing I've bought just for general wear in about 6 months! I didn't exactly push the boat out with this one, but £2 is about all I can stretch to these days - being broke suxxxx :( Ordered some shoes from H&M, and slipped this in the order last minute, trying to find a pair to wear to my nephew's christening (I scored a totally boss hat on eBay at the weekend!), but I'm not so keen on those so might be back to the drawing board.

In other exciting news, following on from my post of cruelty-free cosmetics, Liz Earle have just announced the beginnings of a make-up line! Eeep. It's still quite a small range at the moment, but I'll definitely be trying the mascara when I have even the tiniest bit of spare money. When they start making lipsticks, I'll be battering down their door :)

My third and final piece of exciting news is that our home visit went reasonably well, and we're hopeful about our chances of fostering cats soon! She said she'd let us know in a few days :)


  1. pretty! And so glad the home visit went okay! fingers crossed for you!

  2. Aw your new dress is adorable! I just love the color of it. It was a bargain too. You can't beat that price!


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