Sunday, 7 August 2011

My busy busy weekend - part 1

Ahhh. It is SO nice to come home after a busy weekend away from home. Back to a steady internet connection and mobile service, back to the cats and their cuddles, back to endless cups of tea in familiar mugs, back to my bed!

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Having said all that, I have had a lovely weekend, and I took about a 100 photographs of various things, which I am dying to share with you all, but my camera battery promptly died on arriving home, so those will have to wait until tomorrow I'm afraid.

Some notable things which happened are:

  • I went shopping in Leeds and bought about a million things, including some lovely dresses from H&M (but none of the ones I posted about) which I will show you ASAP because they're gorgeous, some new beauty products which I am super excited to try out and will review once I've got to grips with them, lots of multicoloured tights (to stock up for winter) and a new Nigella cookery book :D
  • Hubby and I had a dinner date at Wagamamas, and then went to see the new Harry Potter film (for the second time...) I didn't cry quite as much this time around, but still a bit. What really REALLY bothered me though was half way through I realised DanRad has BLUE eyes, and not only that, but his mother has BROWN eyes. When the most defining part of his appearance (other than his scar), is his GREEN eyes, just like his mother. I couldn't get past that at all. Can't believe it's taken me 8 films and hundreds of viewings to notice. Why not just give him contacts??
  • I got Twitter! I always said I never would, but I decided, that since I started this blog, it would make sense to have a forum to communicate with other bloggers, rather than just through comments and stuff, so feel free to 'add' me on there or whatever - I'm still getting used to the terminology and how it all works so bare with me.
  • I went cycling in Derbyshire with my Hubby, Dad and one of my brothers. We cycled about 26 miles on Saturday, and now I can't bend one of my knees :( We also got caught in a rain storm and couldn't be bothered to put our macs on so just got soaked.
  • We stayed in a super nice B&B which had his&hers towelling robes and slippers, homemade cake upon arrival and a huge DVD selection to borrow from - we picked Inception since neither of us had seen it. Not overly sold by it. Very engaging definitely, but the ending was a bit of a cop out/predictable. I liked JGL in it though.
  • Today we went to the Chatsworth Estate and looked around the gardens there and took lots of silly photos. Hubby and I played Marco, Polo in the maze to help each other find the middle. That's just how we roll :D
  • We then had a look around the yummy estate farm shop (as featured in yesterday's Independent as one of the 50 best in the country - oo er). We got some tasty vegetarian deli bits - a slice of pie and a fancy pasty - that we're going to have for our tea.
  • Found a pub to watch most of the West Ham match in (Hubby supports them so I do by proxy since my football team no longer exist... I'll explain that another time). We were doing so well but just failing to convert. Cardiff scored in injury time, just after we left :( Well that's what will happen if you don't sign a decent striker to a team without a decent striker (or defense, but let's not get into that right now).
  • And then we got the train home and collapsed!
Phew! Early bedtime for us tonight.
I started my summer holidays from work on Friday (hence my day of leisure), so luckily I can have a completely lazy day tomorrow to recover, poor Hubby has to go straight back to work :( My aims for the week are to organise getting my hair cut and go to the library. I think I can cope with that :D


  1. Wow this sounds like such a lovely weekend. I wish I were only 1/2 as productive!

  2. It was :) but I am seriously paying for it now!
    Oh, where did my early bedtime get to?! :(

  3. Sounds like my perfect weekend, especially the B&B arghhh matching robes! so cute!


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