Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Tangle Teezer & Lush Haircare Review

So last weekend I decided it was time to give my hair a bit of TLC and it was time to invest in a few new products. Just as a bit of background, prior to this I was using a standard hairbrush, Pantene 2-in-1 Smooth & Sleek shampoo and conditioner and er, nothing else. I'm not one for fussing about with lots of products, or in fact, doing much with my hair at all. I ask it looks clean and nice, and is reasonably manageable. This last polite request I make of my hair, has been ignored rather rudely recently (it was also in need of a trim and a thin as well), hence my new purchases.

I bought a classic Tangle Teezer in Glitter Purple from Boots (£12), Jungle solid conditioner (£3), and Soak & Float solid shampoo (£5), both from Lush.

I'll start with the Tangle Teezer, and just start by mentioning that the standard RRP is £10.20, but I picked a purple one up, and paid £12 for the privilege of a different colour- something I only noticed after I got home - but even so, it's pretty comparable to other hairbrushes. But price aside, I pretty much love it. It's not completely painless, and you do have to pull pretty hard with some tangles (I do anyway), but with each brush, it feels like it is making a difference, even if you have to go through each section a couple of times. It leaves my hair feeling much lighter and thinner - without removing any of the body - and silky smooth and shiny.

The two main complaints I have with it are that, with thicker hair like mine, the bristles could be a bit longer, to allow you to comb more hair at once, and if it had a handle, or a grip, it would be a little easier to hold. You also still need a comb to make your parting, but other than that, I really love it :) It's a bit of an awkward shape, and it looks kind of weird, but you get used to both those things almost immediately. I've not picked up my old hairbrush since I bought it.

I'm a little less impressed with the Lush products. The shampoo is made using tar or coal products, so has a really awful smell, like cigarettes - not something you associate with Lush products - and leaves my hair feeling very dry, making conditioning essential (not something I tend to do every wash). I also haven't really noticed an improvement in my dry scalp, but I haven't been using it religiously, or for that long, so that might come yet.

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The solid conditioner is better, and leaves my hair smelling gorgeous and feeling quite soft and silky, but the product is a little hard to use because it's hard to judge how much you are putting on your hair as it is so light going on. I've also found that my block has started to separate into two pieces after not many uses which I don't like very much.

Overall the results of the two products is very similar to that of my previous Pantene shampoo, but much more time consuming and fiddly to use, so I doubt I'll be replacing it full time - although I might keep some Jungle conditioner to hand in case my hair needs some additional conditioning, or want my hair to smell extra nice, particularly since it's so cheap.

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