Sunday, 21 August 2011

Things that I am grateful for

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So after that last post that was me being a little down-in-the-dumps, here's some reasons to be cheerful and thankful and feel like my little lot in life is actually pretty huge and wonderful.

Today I am grateful for:
  • Having a wonderful husband who is happy to pick up a paintbrush and do some D.I.Y whilst I have a laze with a book all afternoon - not exactly a fair deal but he didn't complain once!
  • Being able to afford to go on a mini-break to Edinburgh in the morning, we don't have much money, but we decided to treat ourselves and re-live a little of our honeymoon.
  • Being able to eat out at fancy vegetarian restaurants in Edinburgh - it's so rare to have such a wide choice of places to go to that cater exclusively for us. I'll be sure to take lots of photos.
  • Having a healthy nephew and sister-in-law - they're both home now :)
  • Finding that I owned the almost exact shade of purple nail polish that I'd been lusting over, lurking in the bottom of my make up bag :D It's a little old and gloup-y but it'll do for now.
  • Being on holiday from work for a few more weeks yet. I adore not having to rush to get up or plan a fancy outfit everyday. 
  • Having little treats on order in the post - a new notebook and a cute new necklace, because I deserve pretty things in my life
I should mention that I'm obviously so grateful for my health and my family and my love and my security, but those are general things, and this list of things are more specific to this moment, on this day. It's always good to remind yourself of the little and the big things.

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