Monday, 8 August 2011

My busy busy weekend - part 2

In pictures! I thought a nice collage would be nicer than a long long post of pictures. Click through to make it bigger. We were trying on silly hats in the gift shop, but I liked mine so much I bought it! (Well, I actually got treated by my Dad... Thanks Pa!).

The blue dress was one of my new purchases from H&M - really, really please with it, it's lovely.

Had a very very lazy day today. It was glorious. Hubby and I are just catching up with the riots on the BBC - awful stuff :( I hope no one reading has anyone affected by it.


  1. Omg the picture of you two in the robes, SO CUTE!! <3

  2. Literally how lame we are. DON'T EVEN CARE.


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