Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Cats and Cats and Cats

Lately Chez B has become a bit of a cat palace, and I am SO ok with that. After our rather disastrous first experience of being cat fosterers, I can happily report that the second time around was a 100% success. We adopted the beautiful (and totally flea-ridden, yurgh!) Queenie & her kits, Leah, Jenna and Harry - already named when they arrived which saved us the endless deliberation of the first time.

 Jenna and Leah, Harry at the front

A 3 kitten smush-wich (blurred but failing to hide all the mess in our bedroom, eek)

 Harry and his beautiful snow white face

 Hubby & Leah

Momma cat with her big ol' splodgy face.

 And a cute little close up of Leah sticking her tongue up (these guys LOVED to lick us).

These guys (called such because every 5 seconds we were just like, OH YOU GUYS, because they were either being totally adorable, or really really naughty!) came to us at around 8 weeks old, and stuck around for about 4 weeks, in which they grew in size, and excitability. They were SO naughty! But really cute with their individual personalities and markings - Leah's the one with the batman mask, Harry (patch, or gazpacho as I ended up calling him) had a big black smudge on his back, but a beautiful white face, and Jenna was a bit more muddly like her mum. Jenna was definitely the cheekiest monkey of them all, but she grew to be our favourite because of it, and there were almost a few tears when we had to put her in her pen and say goodbye - she did not want to be put down and it was heartbreaking. 

P.S. Clearly not enough cute cat photos, here's some of my favourites from instagram...


  1. Do you mean put down as in euthanised?? Hopefully not. *worries*

    1. No no no! Most definitely not! Put down as in, on the floor of her temporary pen at the charity centre before being rehomed. They are very, very anti- putting any cats to sleep unless it's 110% necessary. They just tried to save the front two legs of a disabled cat recently, couldn't, but still managed to rehome him anyway. No one is putting my Jenna to sleep, no way Jose.

  2. cutest little kitties! love love love!


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