Monday, 22 October 2012

No amount of vintage dresses gives you dignity

(essentially just the other side to Paramore's Misery Business story)

Dress: vintage via Etsy, £10
Belt, Tights & Shoes: Primark, £2, £2, £4

This dress was a birthday present from my Hubby way back in March (he actually bought me two, what a doll), but only got a few wears before the long sleeves and synthetic fabric, not to mention the slip you have to wear underneath, all got too much in the heat of summer. But now it's cooler, darker, damper and y'know, generally a bit more miserable (getting up in the dark is just not ok in my book), it does at least mean I get to pull some of my warmer, woollier dresses out of the wardrobe, so that's one small perk. 

Two more weeks and you might actually see me occasionally around these parts, I'm counting down the days so hard it hurts. Hope you can bear with me! 


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