Monday, 29 October 2012

Wedding Guests

A few weeks ago, my utterly brilliant and totally babe-tastic gem of a friend, the delightful Miss Hannah Millard, married her man & baby daddy, Iwan in a blur of endless photographs and pixel confetti.

This rather excellent photo, which I managed to sneak into the forefront of, was taken by the excellent Laura Babb of Babb Photography who took Hannah's photos that day.

Excellent though it is, does it really compare to this beauty that I snapped of the happy couple (using the fisheye from Hannah's magical box of cameras)?

I think not.

As a result of said magical box of cameras (well, Hannah is a wedding photographer after all), there were a LOT of photographs being taken, and a small amount of silliness may have ensued. These are my favourites of Hubby & I, and are all, of course, nicked off Hannah's facebook (hopefully what with us being mates and that, she won't sue me for copyright infringement)

I did actually take my camera, but all my pictures seem a bit tame and rubbish in comparison!

P.S. I was the only person wearing a hat, what's wrong with people these days? HATS ARE SO AWESOME.

P.P.S. I wore an ASOS dress & hat (which I got off eBay), a really old scarf/necktie, a John Lewis school cardigan & Kurt Geiger heels. I was definitely channeling a 'retro air hostess' vibe, and I am OK with that. I think Hubby & I made quite the fashionable couple between my hat and his bow tie :D

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