Thursday, 18 October 2012

Do you remember the first time?

It feels like the longest time, but in truth, it's probably only been a week or a month or something stupidly short, but today, for the first time, in a while anyway, I feel truly, wonderfully happy.

I'm not feeling miserable about work (an unfortunately large constant in the last few months), I don't feel like we might never have a baby (we might, you never know, but I've stopped feeling like that's the end of the world), I don't feel down about our distinct lack of money. All these things that have been niggling at me for the last few months, causing me to feel ill, tired and stressed out, and causing more than a few arguments between me and my beloved - because we're both so tired, ill, and stressed out! -all of those things I've managed to some how, miraculously, just let them all go. Fed up of feeling like crap, I've changed what I can change, and I'm just learning to live with the rest of it.

The saying goes that 'Happiness is a journey, not a destination', so there's no promise I'll still feel this quiet contentment tomorrow, or even this afternoon. But for now, a devoted husband, a houseful of cats, a new Girls Aloud single... it's enough.


  1. I hope you're doing ok. I think whiskery cat cuddles are such a salve for bad and sad moods.

    Sometimes we just need to embrace the fact we are sad, and only then can we move on from it.


    1. Definitely! Once you learn to either accept the crap in your life, or y'know, actually do something about it, then you can begin to appreciate all that is a bit ruddy marvelous about it too :) Cat cuddles at the absolute bomb. xx


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