Tuesday, 30 October 2012

The Wedding Ceremony

I've been meaning to post more about the delightful day when I became Mrs B, and my best friend, the love of my life became my Hubby. It makes me feel all warm and mushy inside to remember it, which is probably worth hanging on to when we're bickering about who's turn it is to make the tea or feed the cats (these aren't things we actually argue about, he know's it's always his turn for both, but you get my point I hope). 

A good half of people that read this blog were probably there on the day, and witnessed me sob my way through my vows (well, it was Hubby saying them to me that pushed me over really, but it was all pretty emotional like).

He even made me this little frame with a section of the vows that got us really choked up.

It all passed in a bit of a blur for me, but the one line that really sticks in my memory is "All that I am, and all that I have, I bring to you". Aww shucks. It still makes me well up now!

Since I was so caught up in the moment, understandably I think you'll agree, it's nice to have so manty photographs to look back on - here are a 'small' selection of my favourites from our official photos, copyright of Hannah Millard Photography.

And a few 'unofficial' ones that are goodies too.

I *think* this one is taken as Hubby gets his first glimpse of me as his blushing bride :)

Walking in a Miss... 
(to a string quartet cover of Transatlanticism by Death Cab no less, the swelling of the strings is enough to set me off, even now)

...and out a Mrs!

I've not exactly made a secret out of the fact that, despite being truly wonderful, getting married was, for me at least, a total stress-fest. But this bit? Best bit of the day, fo' sure. Everything else just melts away when you think that this is the moment where you get to commit your life to another, if front of everyone that means something to you, that's the important bit, the bit you remember. (Well, that and your cousin dedicating 'Wild Thing' to you on the karaoke and it making you cry because you're so drunk touched, but that's a story for another day kids).

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