Monday, 12 September 2011

I went shopping and I bought...

(did you ever play that game as a kid? I loved it!)

So as much as I love to treat myself to new clothes and beauty products, I'm a huge, huge bookworm, and recently got a little carried away in a second-hand bookshop in Edinburgh...

I've read the Mitch Albom one before, but none of the others. Have you? What did you think of them?
Too Far was given to us free at the literature festival in Edinburgh, don't know anything about it or the author but I'd never turn down a free book :)

I also treated myself to some new nail polish since they were on offer in Boots - in dreamy Raspberry & Peach Melba, and this cute ring from H&M.

And these just arrived in the post this morning...

So excited to finally own Toast on DVD. It's the dramatisation of Nigel Slater's autobiography, a book I really love, featuring Helena Bonham-Carter and Freddie Highmore, and I absolutely love it. The Saturday's album is in honour of having just bought tickets to go and see them live in Manchester in December. Really loving their new stuff (I mean, they're not Girls Aloud, but then who is?)

And finally, the biggest new purchase of them all... our new car!

She's a beauty, right?

August was a great month for new things, so that means September is going to have to be super frugal :( Having no money kind of sucks... A lot.


  1. That raspberry Barry M is one of my FAVOURITE polishes!

  2. I bought Anna K a couple of months ago as well it's a little daunting on my nightstand, but I'm determined to read it!

  3. It is a pretty huge book, but it's supposed to be so amazing that I'll definitely give it a go- my favourite book is Gone With The Wind, so I'm pretty sure I'll cope :) Let me know how you get on with it xx


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