Saturday, 3 September 2011

Weekend Wishlist: the automotive special

This weekend I have mostly been lazing around in my pjs all day (I know, I'm a slob, I'm ok with that), reading books (I just finished Petite Anglaise and was fairly bored by it) and browsing the internet whilst Hubby does all the hard work like painting our hall and mowing the lawn. He's a gem, I know. Although he did managed to stand in the paint, yet again, so don't go thinking he's perfect. Almost perfect maybe :)

My weekend wishlist looks a little different from normal...

(images from autotrader)

Hubby and I are in the midst of trying to buy our very first car and it is proving to be a complete nightmare! Every car we like either gets sold immediately or has astronomical insurance costs. Keep your fingers crossed for us finding something good and affordable soon :)


  1. Recently became a first time car owner and I'm so bloody happy, good luck in your search but I can definitely recommend Renault Clios as being a great first car with pretty inexpensive insurance costs.

  2. Where'd you end up buying yours from? It's getting anywhere to see them that's the trouble at the moment. Thought we'd ruled Clios out as being too expensive but will have another look, thanks xx


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