Tuesday, 6 September 2011

What I wore- first day of school

 Shirt & Pinafore: Topshop
Mac: H&M
Bag: Accessorize

My new dress arrived yesterday and it's pretty amazing :) Fairly casual and I've yet to experiment with it to work out it's full potential. This outfit is a little 'farm-chic' - one of those days where I think I toe the line between looking silly and looking awesome, but I'm ok with that. I like to look silly occasionally, taking fashion too seriously is boring. One of my kids at school actually said I looked like I should be on a farm, to which I would have replied, "Well, yeah, that's kind of the point", except I didn't think that at 7 she would really have understood...

What do you think, silly or awesome? (I won't be offended, promise)

Seriously windy and rainy out today, hence the mac, but you know what? I kind of love it. I arrived at school and was asked if I'd been on holiday because I was 'glowing'. Who needs blusher when you've got windy autumnal days to give you a rosy glow? You can't buy that kind of look. So there I was, getting rained on and blown all over the place, grinning like a loon, because this is my perfect weather, as crazy as that sounds. I'm in my element.

So excited for the next few months!

P.S oh and we think we've found a car! Hubs is going to look at it tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed for us please!


  1. That is such an adorable dress! Definitely on the awesome side of silly - but I think there's nothing wrong with fashion being fun as well as awesome!

  2. I totally agree :) I think it's healthy to look a little ridiculous once in a while, stops you taking yourself too seriously.
    Thank you for your kind words xx


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