Monday, 20 February 2012

Currently obsessed with...

Keri Smith's 100 ideas project, as brought to my attention by Goodnight Little Spoon.

Keri's list is a sort of 100-ideas-for-something-you-could-do-that's-not-just-sitting-on-your-butt-all-day, but Bianca at GLS is picking and choosing her favourites to draw/graph/list/craft (go and check them out because they're boss), and I've been thinking it'd be the perfect craft journalling project following my completion of the 30 day journal challenge, but as usual, haven't got around to it yet. The thing that pushed me over the edge for how awesome an idea this is was when Bianca posted this picture of how she's set out her version of the project.

Post-its on the wall! One for every 'idea' and then she takes it off when she's completed it. I'm so in love with this organisation idea, and it would be great for me since I have such an absent mind when it comes to these things. A huge visual reminder like this would be perfection. I'm working a lot in the upcoming weeks, but I hope to get my teeth into this project ASAP.

Have you ever done any of Keri's projects before? I think she's the woman responsible for the Wreck This Journal line of products as well. Don't you think this particular project is awesome?


  1. I've got two Keri Smith books on my computer desk which I bought and never really got round to finishing. I got quite a way through Wreck this Journal, I really liked the concept cos I'm not an 'arty' person as in I don't know how to draw very well, I love being creative though and Wreck This Journal was great for that. I've got 'How to be an Explorer of the World" too which is pretty good.

  2. oh! I do the pot it things when I write, it helps me to see where my characters and their storyline are! :)


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