Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Vegan Treats

I know I've talked before about why it is that I eat a semi-vegan diet (here if you're interested), but I thought it might be interesting to share with you what I eat that is vegan, and oh so tasty. It's true that vegan food can be horrible, and terribly boring, if you don't do it right. And seriously, don't even look at tofu if you don't know what you're doing with it, because it will taste disgusting, and put you off it for a long time, like I did when I first tried it and didn't season it with anything - yuck.

Pro tip one: season your tofu.

The simple answer to "well, what do you eat then?" is fruit, veggies, beans, pulses, nuts and some grains. I've recently tried to really cut down on my dairy intake, as well as my 'white' carbs - bread and pasta and rice - because they just leave me feeling horrible. Which isn't to say I don't eat anything bad at all. I've recently discovered Asda's dark chocolate spread which is like fudge cake icing, totally vegan, totally still bad for you, and I eat it by the jarful...

Pro tip two: vegan does not equal healthy.

I'm terrible at photographing my food, because I'm always so eager to eat it! But I'm going to try and get better so I can share some of my tasty, but mostly vegan, meals and treats. Maybe even the odd recipe. Here are some pictures I've taken in the past of my delicious eats. Hopefully it'll inspire you!

Vegan ice cream sundae with banana, chopped nuts & golden syrup.

Chickpea terryaki with kale, rice and naan.

Chocolate spread and pink milk.

 Mixed salad w/ avacado, houmous, marinated tofu, rice cakes and strawberries.

Oatmeal and raisin cookies, dusted with icing sugar.

Mmm, tasty. Next week: scrambled tofu. Yum!
Do you ever eat any vegan food? I'm always looking for new recipes or cookbook recommendations, so if you have any to share, I'd love that :)


  1. I have to say, the dark chocolate spread sounds utterly delicious and I think I may need to pick some up...xx

    1. You definitely should, it's so tasty. Perfect for just dipping a spoon in to when you need a little pick me up. Yum :)


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