Thursday, 2 February 2012

Cat Crazy.

Warning: This posts contains an inordinate amount of photos of cats being cute. Prepare yourself.

I asked Hubby yesterday what he'd like to see more of on my blog, and his immediate answer was "Cats!". I think you could safely call us 'cat people', but I'm not sure that would quite cover it...

So without further ado, blog, meet our babies.

Kofi was my Christmas present from my parents in indeterminable number of years ago (maybe '03, maybe '04, no one quite remembers), so he's getting on in his years now, and yes, he is kind of... large. The vet said he was obese but she was just being cruel. He's all muscle! And very long, so long his nickname is, well, Long Cat. We tried to measure him once but he just tried to eat the tape measure. Suffice to say, he is long. And maybe just a little bit chubby... But very cuddly and super lovely. Just watch his ridiculous hand-paws (so big) because if he's not between a 3 and a 7 on the emotion scale, then the claws come out. Too sad, too excited, either way it's the same.

So he lived with my parents whilst I went to uni, but as soon as we bought our house, we moved him up. So even though Hubby is only his Step-Daddy really, they bonded pretty darn quickly...

Aren't they cuties?

We got Miso shortly afterwards - we weren't even looking for a cat but fate pretty much handed her to us. I was in a village I'd never been to before, or since, waiting for a bus, and just decided to look at the noticeboard where the night before a little note had been put up looking for a free home for one solitary kitten out of a litter. We went to visit her that weekend, when she was the size of a teacup, and fell in love. Soon after we took her home, where, after a few weeks of getting used to each other and fighting a little, she and Kofi promptly fell head over heels in love and have been inseparable ever since. No, seriously, I mean, she's a Daddy's girl through and through, but she won't be without her Kofi for the world. They rarely sleep apart and are forever cleaning each others ears and generally getting lost in each others eyes. It's a little bit sickening, but mostly just super cute.

I feel like such a proud Mama looking at these photos, especially this one of Miso as a babe, she's so tiny in it, and so grown up now!

So much love for these little kitties in my heart. They are pretty much like children to us (I'm not one of those crazies who treats their pets like actual humans, I just love them a whole bunch).

P.S. I'd just like to point out, she totally climbed in the washing machine her self! And I only pushed the door to for like a second, never shut her in completely, and even when I opened the door fully again, she didn't even want to come out! No animal cruelty here people, no no.


  1. Waaaaaaah !! I love a good cat post. Your cats are such cuties. J'adore Kofi as I am a massive fan of the 'larger' cat..



  2. A subject from my own heart, I desperately want to add to our fur-baby family but I honestly don't think its ever going to work because our Lily is such a 'princess.' Maybe one day when we have more space so they can be apart if they're getting on each others nerves... I'd absolutely love to have cats that loved and cuddled each other like a family though. Kofi and Miso are so cute :)

  3. I'm not even a cat person and these pictures are adorable to me! Aww


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