Tuesday, 31 January 2012

What I Wore - the perfect dress

Dress: George @ ASDA £3, Tights: Primark £2

This is my ultimate go-to dress at the moment. My wardrobe staple. When I'm having a fashion crisis, when nothing in my wardrobe looks good, when nothing will match. I throw on this dress and a pair of brightly coloured tights (these oranges ones are my current faves) and I'm all set for the day. It's warm and modest enough to wear to work, but it's still pretty and feminine, simple and classic, but not boring, and all for the bargain price of £5 for the whole outfit! It's a dream.

I don't know about you but boy am I glad January is drawing to a close; it's been a bit of a miserable month. Here's hoping February is better! One step closer to Spring anyway... And I get to see my baby nephew again in a few weeks, can't wait! What are you most looking forward to this month?

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