Monday, 30 January 2012

Super Scrimpers

So today has not been a good day for finances Chez B. 'The Beast' (as Hubby likes to call our car) had her first M.O.T in our care - fairly routine by all accounts, but still ended up costing us £300. THREE. HUNDRED. POUNDS. I was not prepared for this, at all, so a bit of a "we can not spend ANY money this month" panic ensued...

We've decided that we've got fully stocked enough cupboards that we hardly need to go shopping at all this month (except for the odd bit of fresh fruit and veg), as long as we use our imagination and don't just end up eating soups and daals every night... I've made Hubby promise to drive slower to use less petrol (!), though I'm not sure how money saving that will really be, and when we see my Dad in a few weeks, we're going to borrow a little electric heater for our bedroom, so we can turn our central heating off completely. Food & fuel are pretty much the only things we are spending money on at the moment (we're terribly boring, and terribly poor), so they're the obvious places to start - but I thought I would turn to you, my lovely readers, and ask for your best frugal tips and store-cupboard recipes to help us through this month - what are your canny ideas for saving the pennies? Any advice will be most gratefully received!

P.S. What do you think of my new colour scheme and header? I'm ashamed to say it took me a really long time to get right, but I'm finally happy with it!


  1. I'm trying my best to save up for the inevitably large MOT bill we'll get when its time for our piece of junk to go in, its already bankrupt me anyway having to spend £700 on a garage bill :( Its the best thing ever having a car but I wish they weren't so expensive.

    I'm the worst person ever to offer money saving advice but I'll just wish you guys luck anyway and I hope it isn't too bad for you xx

    1. Eeek. Could not cope with a bill that size. I would have majorly freaked out. I (naively?) thought it would maybe be £150, £200 tops. Thank you though :) We will get there, just need to hold out for another few months and we'll be free and clear, horray! xx


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