Sunday, 12 February 2012

Pre-Baby Bucket List

One of the things I like to read a lot about on the internet is babies.  I love reading baby/pregnancy blogs, looking at baby pictures and reading all sorts of pre-pregnancy lists (at least until we actually get pregnant), what to eat and how to prepare etc. But something I've come across recently is the 'baby bucket list', so since you all know I love a good list, I thought I'd make one of my own, to tell you why we feel ready, and what little things we hope to achieve before our little family grows to 3.

Don't get me wrong, this list is not for everyone, it is totally specific to me. People have children at all ages, in all kinds of relationships, and they find a way to make it work whatever their situations, so please don't think I'm judging anyone.

We've already made a commitment to being a loving, stable family by getting married, and we've bought a house and a car, and we've even got a pretty fancy camera now. We're almost there financially, so the majority of these things are purely pre-baby luxuries - making the most of not being restricted by naptimes or having to find a babysitter or having to plan things a month in advance.

So with that in mind, some things we hope to do in the next few months are:
  • Get completely out of debt (apart from student loans)
  • Build up some emergency savings
  • Finish buying furniture for our house
  • Sleep a lot more!
  • Have lots of date nights
  • Make a few more spontaneous decisions.
  • Take a little trip somewhere
  • Go to Indietracks festival again this summer and dance like crazy, even if I am preggo.
  • Buy lots of cute baby clothes like the CM punk onesie above
  • Cut alcohol completely out of our diet, and cut down on the amount of caffeine and junk food we eat
And just generally enjoy each others company whilst it's just the two of us. Try and appreciate what we have a little more (something I'm terrible at) - lots of love and uninterrupted sleep!

What would you put on your baby bucket list? Do you want to see the world first before you settle down?


  1. I was only talking about this the other night with Phil, I keep swinging between wanting a family right now and then wanting to enjoy the completely selfish life as 'just us two' into the distant future. Cos I know how much a relationship will change once there's a child involved, we definitely will wave goodbye to a lot of the freedom we have right now.

    Obviously the massively sensible person within me is waiting till we also own our own home and are closer to the support network of my family.

    And also the more controversial subject which obviously you don't have to agree with is cutting out our (well mostly just my husband's) use of weed/other recreational drugs.

    I definitely know its going to be the next step for us, but thinking about it sometimes really freaks me out so I'm obviously not as ready as I thought I was, and that's the most important thing I think, one things for sure is we're not going to take this decision lightly.

    1. :D it's hard isn't it? But I just know that 'just us two' is just the beginning, and when we're a proper little family we won't know how we lived before it. We have freedom with our time, but not with our money, so I don't feel like we'll be sacrificing that much in that sense, but we'll be gaining so much! I have no doubts at all, I haven't since pretty much day 1 (about everything, but particularly kids), so I feel SO ready. Got to wait for my chickenpox vaccination to clear my system and then it's just a case of waiting now really :)

  2. Argh !! So scary thinking about babies.. But such a good idea having a 'baby' bucket list. I've given myself 2 years and in that time I want to have been to a few more festivals, get a degree (I started late!) go to Japan, have a MASSIVE 29th birthday party (My lucky number) and as well as saving, I want to be able to treat myself while I still can. Sounds like it's going to be a pretty fun 2 years for me !!



    1. It does sound like a fun two years! I would love to go to Japan, but it's not on the cards in the near future, so it's not something I'm willing to put off having kids for. Happy to wait until we (and the kids!) are older to do the few bits of travelling I'd ideally like to do (USA & Japan mostly). It is kind of scary, but also so very exciting :) xx

  3. How damn well boss is our child going to look in that onesie though? I mean seriously?

    Christmas in Paris?


  4. love your list!! it's definitely important to get some stuff in order before kids come along--they are so much work! :P


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