Wednesday, 23 November 2011


These 'my life is instagram' posts seem very popular these days, and since I'm currently too busy to sit down and write a proper blog post - life is rather rudely getting in the way I'm afraid, this is the best I can manage.

1. Brussels sprouts for tea, one of our faves. Yum yum.
2. Cold days mean cold ears, breaking out my earmuffs.
3. A pretty new dress without breaking the bank. £3!
4. We've been watching lots of TV whilst hubby's been sick. All caught up with Pan Am, Gossip Girl and Misfits now. Anyone else watching?
5. We had a little lust over Rob from Great British Bake Off when we saw the cook book in the supermarket. That fringe. Swoon.
6. I've been super busy making Christmas presents - just a sneak peek so I don't spoil any surprises!
7. Even if it's a bit obvious, a bunch of flowers is always nice to receive after a fight. Especially when accompanied by a box of chocolates too!

That's all for now. We're off to go and try and give blood again tonight, although Hubby's probably too poorly too. Going to give it a shot though.

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