Friday, 11 November 2011


This week has been seriously killer. Hubby has been working some serious over time, and him being tired and late home hasn't exactly made for a fun atmosphere - I get a bit sulky if I'm left on my own too much and he gets a bit sulky if he doesn't get enough sleep... BUT, we're off out into Leeds tonight to see friends and relax and forget about work. We're going to see Los Campesinos! play at the Cockpit, not my favourite band ever, but Hubby's, and several of our friends, so I'm taking one for the team. We're staying in Harrogate with a friend tonight, and then back in to Leeds tomorrow for a family lunch which I'm excited for. And then maybe a spot of Christmas shopping, which I am not excited for. My thinking is if we start early enough it might not be that hellish? But I always loath shopping in Leeds so I imagine it will be fairly traumatic.

In other news, yesterday I was diagnosed with eczema on my hands - hooray! I have no idea what's causing it but I've never had a problem with it before. It's possibly my job, and the stress of it ending, are making it worse, so that may or may not get better after today. Until then, this has become my new BFF...

Does anyone else suffer with it? It's pretty unpleasant :( Trying my best not to scratch but it's really hard! Does anyone have any tips for dealing with it? Things to avoid etc. Don't know a lot about it yet so anything would be helpful really :)

Fingers crossed it clears up ASAP.


  1. Hi from the Eczema queen over here! Eurgh, absolutely sucks that you've been diagnosed with it, I've had it on and off since I was little for no apparent reason. I've been allergy tested and there's nothing I'm allergic to, so I honestly have no idea what causes it, but it's so annoying.

    I have a big tub of water-based moisturiser, which is quite good for moisturising my legs (where I get most of my eczema) especially after a shave them. I also have hydrocortisone cream, which is a bit stronger than e45 for when it gets really bad.

    Other than that, all you can do is try to work out what triggers it. A definite trigger of mine is stress, I was awful and am still suffering after my driving test and a busy week at work last week. I find getting more sleep has helped too, so I try and get early nights a couple of nights a week. I'm also not sure if I imagine this link, but sometimes I think alcohol can trigger it!

    Good luck with it all lovely xxx

  2. Ah, I totally never knew that about you! (I'm sorry if you've told me and I've forgotten and am a terrible friend). How awful for you :(

    It's weird because planning a wedding and buying a house and stuff has been way more stressful than my current situation, so I don't know why it would flare up now, rather than then say. Maybe it's a little bit of everything? It seems to be calming down atm, so fingers crossed it goes away again...


  3. Hi I know something about this mine was caused by chemicals I have used when cleaning my bathroom My doctor gave me two items one is diprobase cream with orange label is sooo good even my husband use this when he have very dry hands and secon thing was Betamethasone valerate cream because i had so bad eczema that i started to have painfull bubbles on my fingers those two things save my :))


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