Friday, 18 November 2011

What I Wore- Children In Need

Today is the annual charity appeal of a British charity called Children In Need, a campaign fronted by a bear (don't ask, I didn't come up with it) called Pudsey. Pudsey wears an iconic spotted eyepatch (again, no idea why), so the kids at my school were encouraged to dress in spotty clothes to help raise money.

This is Pudsey dressed as the Eleventh Doctor (Who).

Now, I love to dress up silly, I do it most days in fact. Working in a primary school I feel like I get a bit more of a free reign than in say an office environment, so I like to wear lots of primary colours, prints and generally have a bit of fun with my outfits. Today was no exception...

Cardigan, Skirt & Tights: Primark
T-shirt: H&M
Scarf: vintage

Do you think I was spotty enough?! I considered wearing my pink wellies with the spots on, but just wore boots in the end, boring I know. Did you dress up at your work place or do anything to raise money?


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