Tuesday, 1 November 2011


Gosh, can you believe how close to Christmas we are already? I'm not sure I can. I have all these grand plans for Christmas decorations and homemade presents and baking and d-i-y projects and blogging and such like, but all I feel like doing is lazing around in my pajamas watching Gilmore Girls re-runs (we've all been there, right?). It totally didn't help that last week was half-term, so I got a free pass for being a total slob, since I didn't have to go into work. I've found that since the summer I've really gotten out of my routines with work and everything, and am really struggling to get back 'with it', so just bear with me whilst I get my bearings - and yes, I know that the new school year started again, oh, about 9 weeks ago now, but I do not deal well with changes to my routine!

Did anyone do anything nice for Halloween? Hubby and I went to a party at the weekend (we were Kurt & Courtney - see the appropriately embarrassing ONLY picture of us below). I tried to use some blonde hairspray to lighten my locks but it essentially just covered me head-to-toe in gold glitter, which has not come off my skin, despite repeat washing... But last night, we just switched the lights off and pretended like we weren't home. Awful I know, since we even went out and bought candy especially, but we just couldn't be bothered. Sorry kids! Maybe next year...

(aka, a dead ringer for Courtney Love, obviously)


  1. Great idea for a costume! Am gutted I didn't get chance to dress up this year, was far too busy with work :(
    L x

  2. Thank you! It was a bit of a lazy costume really, neither of us bought anything to wear (except my rubbishy coloured hairspray) - yes, for some reason I own pink satin gloves.

    Usually we're not that into Halloween but it was fun to dress up :)



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