Monday, 25 July 2011

30 Day Journal Challenge - part 3

Here's my latest installment of journal pages - I'm a bit behind still, and have managed to completely miss a prompt out somehow, but I'll just have to complete it out of order. Here goes.

Journal Prompt 12:  Completely fill your page with line design!
This one is admittedly a little lame, but I did complete it whilst on a coach so I'm not too unimpressed with myself.

Journal Prompt 13:  Create a simple family tree. 
This one really has no excuses. I would like to apologise to everyone in my family for how badly represented they are in this - although to be fair, I look the least like myself out of everyone. But hey, at least I tried!

Journal Prompt 14:  What is your favorite quote? 
This is a line from the Scott Pilgrim graphic novels (can't remember which) and the film adaption of them. It makes me laugh.

Journal Prompt 16:  Today we are going on a little scavenger hunt!!
So I kind of ignored this prompt a bit... Well. I adapted it. I didn't really feel like ripping up dictionaries and books and turning my house upside down or drawing a chihuahua (what?!), so I just took the 'dictionary definition' part of it, and kind of used that. I chose the word 'Peace', I don't really know why, it's not a word I use a lot or feel a strong connection to, it just spoke to me I guess.

Journal Prompt 17:  Favorites!!!  
So easy. The second I read the prompt I knew what I was going to do because when it comes to my favourite thing of all time. Well, blog, meet Hubby :) - the line comes from Charlie & Lola, a children's cartoon/book series that we adore.

It was Prompt 15 I missed: 'Needs and Wants', but I'll be coming back to that. Promise.

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