Saturday, 2 July 2011

Weekend Wishlist

Soundtrack: Tyrant Song by FOE

As I previously mentioned, I don't have much money for luxury items at the moment, but that doesn't mean a girl can't look, does it...

I've been cruelly tempted as most places seem to have sales on, taunting me with their cut-price beauties. I did crack and order a few small pieces from Asos on payday, but these are remaining firmly 'lust-haves', very, very sadly.

1. Zara - £29.99
2. Zara - £19.99
3. Asos - £22
4. H&M - £3.99
5. H&M - £12.49
6. Asos - £19

Those shoes. Those shoes! So gorgeous. I'm looking to incorporate more orange into my wardrobe (it's not really something I wear) and that tea dress is super cute. The flares are gorgeous, and I'm in love with the colour, but I don't really wear trousers because they make me look short and stumpy :( Just imagine them with the blue clog style heels though. Heaven! I'm all about the colour clash.

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