Friday, 8 July 2011

Giving Blood

(from the Duke Spirit) for their album 'Give Blood' (geddit? bad pun I know, but I really love this cover where the parts are reversed from the original)

I wore this...

Halterneck dress worn as strapless: vintage from eBay
Tank top: Tesco
Lipstick: Toasted Rose Colour Surge by Clinique 

And these...

Shoes: Kickers from Schuh

To go and get this....

Eeek! I was super nervous and being stuffed full of biscuits and squash before hand just made me feel queasy, but I did it! I was super brave even though it was pretty unpleasant. The pain from the needle being in my arm faded after a while of it being in there (my donation took about 10 or so minutes, because I had slow flow to begin with) and by the end it was totally painless. Getting my finger pricked to test my haemoglobin was probably the most traumatic part because they just kind of spring that on you, and it hurt a surprising amount. Oh, and I'm a massive wuss :)

But, now I've done it I feel really proud of myself (and hubby! He had to get jabbed by an extra needle to check his iron, but his actual donation was much faster than mine, so I'd say we're about evens on the trauma front). So far no bruising or dizziness, although I do now feel like I have a slight hangover. Remember to drink lots of fluids kids! Giving blood saves lives, so y'all should do it if you can.


  1. Ahh that dress is so nice and also this song is raddd x

  2. Thanks :) Leila Moss's voice is just heaven on it x


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