Friday, 22 July 2011

Currently obsessed with...

(Hannah Millard Photography featuring Kayla Hadlington and Stolen Thunder Jewellery)

Stolen Thunder make really lovely wooden jewellery with fun and silly slogans on. Some of the images remind me a little of Banksy. This brooch in particular. But I think they are super cute.
I don't own anything by them yet, but with a 50% sale on in their store... Well, I just might do soon.

But which to choose!


  1. Oh I've been lusting after Stolen Thunder jewelery for a while now - it's so pretty! I might put a couple of pieces on my Christmas list as I always find it difficult to justify buying jewelery (no idea why!) x

  2. I have too, but it's always been too expensive... Until now!

    They're gorgeous aren't they?

    Rosie xx


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