Saturday, 16 July 2011

Hair & Outfit

Following on from my experiment with curls; the day after the curls had dropped somewhat but the hair was still somewhat curly, so, still feeling adventurous, I decided to 'pin' it up. I didn't actually use any pins, possibly a mistake in the end, I just tucked it under the same elasticated headband I'd used to create the curls - it didn't hold very well, bits kept falling out, but I didn't want it to look too structured, so I left the pins out. Lots of people at work thought I'd cut all my hair off initially!

Dress & Hairband: H&M
Cardigan: New Look
Necklace: gift

At home for the weekend so excuse the short post. Normal service will resume on Monday hopefully, and I've some beautiful new vintage dresses to show you - Hubby treated me to apologise for a fight we had :) A sneaky trick to get me to forgive him, I think you'll agree, but I guess it worked so...


  1. This looks really cute and actually looks you've got short hair, which was a bit scary at first!

    I wish Ryan would buy me vintage dresses to apologise for fights!x

  2. this is lovely. especially digging your hair.

    Helen, X

  3. Aw thanks :)

    Dresses > Flowers, definitely :D


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