Wednesday, 13 July 2011

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Pretty storage devices!

Anyone who knows me, or has seen my house, will know that I am not the most organsied person ever - I'm not a slob, don't get me wrong, I just have a tendancy to let piles of paper stack up around me and often leave a trail of clothes behind me as I'm trying to get dressed for the day (I pick them all up, eventually...), but I am just such a sucker for cute storage. It's one of the reasons I adore Ikea so much, I could spend whole days in there - that's most people's idea of hell, I know. I love projects and the wishful thinking that, if only my house was as cute as this, I would totally always keep it tidy! (Obviously wouldn't happen, but a girl can dream right?)

I pulled all these images of - my new favourite website (well, joint alongside the craft/diy fashion heaven that is, so pop over there if you want to find any of the proper credits - I'd recommend it, I died a few times over at some of the images.

Here are some of my favourites:

Mason jars and Veganomicon (a vegan cookbook) on the shelf! <3

The perfect fridge, beautiful to look and and super healthy. I need to start adding slice of something to my water filter.

Seriously, how cute is this?! I love the idea of the whole family having 'their' section. I would totally hang little wooden signs/stencil in the cubby holes; 'Mummy', 'Daddy', 'Baby bear'... - but then I'm just a big old softie.

And finally...

This is actually something I definitely need to do - because my handbag essentials are always all over the place and I'm a big believer in things have a 'home' in the house. I just need to find a drawer compartment as perfect as this one.

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  1. Ahh thanks for the links Rosie! I'm definitely getting both of this tumblrs followed.

    I always have grand plans to organise my life a little better, but it never works!


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